Our Values and Mission

Vision Statement

We are a ministry founded on the biblical principles of God. We love and care for people in the community, nation and around the world because we understand that people are equal and special before God. And We recognize God has seeded in every human life the potential for greatness. We teach the inspired word of God to stir hope and facilitate individuals to discover God purpose for their lives, attain the highest limit and fuel spiritual growth through the knowledge and understanding of the word of God by hearing and applying the life changing principles of the Word. Our church environment stimulates participation and promotes strong family values and also shapes people to leaders and fervent servant of God.

smiling boy


  • Friendship in Fellowship
  • Loving One Another
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Bible knowledge
  • Strong Prayer Life
  • Strong Marriage Life
  • Strong Family Life
  • Helping The Less Privilege
  • Knowing Your Purpose
  • Attaining Financial Success
  • Evangelism To Reach the Loss